Makruzz Gold


Cruise Type: Private high-speed Luxury Catamaran Full AC Cruise

Operator: Mak Logistics Private Ltd.

Service Area: Port Blair – Havelock – Neil (Round Trip)

Departure / Selling from: Phoenix Bay Jetty at Port Blair

Distance from Airport to Phoenix Bay Jetty: 2 to 3 KM.

Passenger Carrying Capacity: Approximated 280 Passenger per sailing

Ticket Cost Starting: INR – 1,000/- per head for one way

Sailing schedule: Daily Round Trip

Ticket booking procedure: By online or direct from MV Makruzz Ticket Counter

Cafeteria: Available

Peak season Surcharge: INR – 100/- per head. (15 Dec to 15th Jan)


‘MAKRUZZ GOLD’ is the latest edition in the fleet of MAK Logistics Private Limited,
This is a high-speed Catamaran Passenger Ferry. Catamaran is a twin hull vessel and the advantage is that it offers ‘high speed’, ‘better stability’ and ‘more space’. The vessel has 2 decks with passenger capacity of 280. It presents four classes for its guests – the vessel is fully air-conditioned by approx. 30 Ton rating system. It can attain a maximum speed of 32 nautical miles but will be cruised at approximately 22 – 24 nautical miles and is expected to cover the distance between Port Blair and Havelock Island in about 90 minutes. The Engine Room is suitable for operation as unmanned machinery space supported by automatic fire-detection system.

The Bridge is similar to a Cockpit of an Aircraft where the Master and his assisting officer with the help of an integrated operating station can navigate this craft safely while they are seated. This vessel meets the latest global standards of safety in terms of ‘life-saving’, ‘fire-fighting’, ‘navigational’ and ‘communication’ systems. Like in an Aircraft, life-jackets are provided under each seat. In a case of an emergency, when the vessel has to be abandoned, we have special reversible type ‘lift-rafts’, which can be accessed by Marine Evacuation Systems.

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