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There are two ways to reach Port Blair (a capital of Andaman) either by Air or by Sea.
Flights: You have direct daily flight from Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai Delhi and from Visakhapatnam. But from Visakhapatnam there is no daily direct flight. Itsavailable on certain days only.Flights from Chennai and Kolkata take roughly two hours while the one from Delhi & Mumbai takes roughly 5 hours.
Airport: Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair

Flights available from:

  • For Day and Night Visits
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Bangalore

All flights from Kolkata & Chennai are direct flights and takes around 2 hours .Flights from Delhi & Mumbai fly via Chennai or Kolkata and take around 5 hours.

Name of CarrierSector
Air IndiaKolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata | Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai | Visakhapatnam - Port Blair - Visakhapatnam
Jet AirwaysMumbai - Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai - Mumbai | Delhi - Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata - Delhi
Go AirDelhi - Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata - Delhi | Mumbai - Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai - Mumbai | Bangalore - Port Blair - Bangalore
Spice JetDelhi - Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata - Delhi | Mumbai - Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai - Mumbai

Ship:They sail from Chennai, Vizag& Kolkata. There are usually 3-4 sailings every month and the tentative sailing schedule can be found here. Ship voyage takes about 60-70 hours.

Sea Port :Haddo Wharf Port, Port Blair

Ships available from Regular Passenger ship services are available to port Blair.

Ship Schedule

Normally sailing schedules are announced one month in advance for the Mainland-island sector,5 days in advance for the inter-island (for the southern group of islands ie. Port Blair - Nicobar, Nancowry, Katchal, Campbell Bay) sector and 3 days in advance for the foreshore sector (Port Blair - Diglipur, Mayabunder, Rangat, Neil, Havelock, and Hut Bay).

Entry Formalities:

For Indians , There is no entry formality to visit anadman. However permits required to visit Nicobar Islands and other Tribal areas.
For Foreiners, All foreigners require a permit to stay in the Islands, which can easily be obtained on arrival at Port Blair from the Immigration authorities for 30 days, extendable for another 15 days with permission. In addition, permits can also be obtained from: Indian Mission Overseas, Foreigner's Registration Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and the Immigration authorities at the airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata

Best time to visit Andaman Island is from October to May

Andaman has a moderate temperature all through the year within the range of 23 C to 31 C . It has a tropical climate. There are no severe climate conditions except for tropical storms and rains in late summers and monsoons.

Places covered under Restricted Area Permit :

I. For day & night visits:
  • Entire Island of Middle Andaman, excluding tribal reserve.
  • All islands of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park except Boat, Hobday, Twin Islands, Tarmugli, Malay & Pluto. (Night halt in these island are subject to special permission from Administration)
  • Entire Island of South Andaman, excluding tribal reserve.
  • Baratang Island.
  • North Passage Island.
  • Little Andaman Islands, excluding tribal reserve.
II. For day visit only:
  • Ross Island
  • Naracondam Island
  • Interview Island
  • Brother Island
  • Sister Island
  • Barren Island (Live Volcano) - restricted to visit on board vessels only with no landing ashore.
Do's and Do'ts:
  • Carry important documents like passport, permit and driving license with you while travelling in the Andaman Islands.
  • While driving follow traffic rules and keep left.
  • Wear helmet while riding a two wheeler. If anybody is caught driving a motorbike without a helmet , you will be penalized /fined.
  • Consult lifeguards before entering the sea.
  • Swim in safe areas only.
  • Use the dustbins and garbage receptacles for disposing all garbage and rubbish. Do not throw them in parks, on beaches, into the sea or public places. Please help keep the Andaman Islands litter free.
  • Tourist information centers in the islands are actually very helpful. Contact them for any travel assistance required.
  • Get necessary permits for visiting National Parks as they can be visited only with permission. Other permitted areas can be visited freely.
  • Be sensitive to the privacy of the tribes, Any attempt of interaction is punishable by law.
  • All the tourist attraction spots will carry notice boards about permission for photography and video filming. Obtain permits for taking video films and photographs wherever required.
  • Avail the service of only qualified Scuba Dive Instructors having certification of international professional organizations like PADI, CMAS, NAUI, BSAC or SSI for a safe diving experience.
  • Inform local authorities/staff positioned in protected areas if you notice any undesirable activity.
  • Take care to stay within the permitted areas while snorkeling or scuba diving. You should take care not to stand on coral reef. Doing so can damage the reefs.
  • Foreign nationals must keep their restricted area permit with them at all times. Whenever visitors are visiting Havelock or other islands like Neil, on arrival, the jetty police officers will check the foreign visitors restricted area permits and only then allow them to embark from the ferry and enter the islands.
  • Do not smoke in public areas.
  • Do not use plastic bags. Plastic carry-bags are banned in Andaman Islands. If anybody is caught with a plastic carry-bag, he/she can be fined either Rs. 1,00,000 or imprisoned for six months or both.
  • Do not hunt any kind of birds and animals both on land and on sea. Please help us in preserving the flora and fauna of the Islands.
  • Do not visit the Nicobar Islands or any other tribal reserve without a special pass. You can be severely punished for an attempt to mingle with tribal people without legal permission.
  • Staying on beaches or forest areas overnight is strictly prohibited. Take care to return to your hotel or resort after sunset.
  • Do not light bonfires in beaches or forests. Camping on the islands is a punishable offence.
  • Breaking, even touching a live coral is prohibited. Collecting dead coral is also not allowed.
  • Whatever the size or condition of shells you find - in the sea or on the beach - taking them or even touching them is strictly prohibited. Do not collect shells. To own shells, you must buy them. Also keep the receipt of purchase.
  • Do not take videos or photograph the aboriginal tribes of Andaman. This is considered a crime and is liable for punishment.
  • Do not swim when drunk. Avoid swimming during the monsoon in treacherous zones. Both are not safe.
  • Nudity is banned on all Andaman beaches and public spaces.
  • Do not overstay at the islands past your permit time.

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